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Reminiscence video, Episode 12: Memories of Youth Organisations - Cubs, Scouts and Guides

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Were you ever a member of a youth organisation such as the Guides or the Scouts? What kind of activities do you remember doing there?

Did you wear a uniform to attend? What did it look like? Did you have many badges? Did you wear a cap or hat of any kind? Did your uniform have a tie with a toggle?

Can you recall what number or name your company was?

What songs or rhymes did you sing at your youth organisation?

Can you remember the name of your Akala or leader?

Did you win or achieve any certificates during your time with the youth group?

Did you graduate from the Cubs to the Scouts or the Brownies to the Girl Guides? Was there a ceremony of some sort when you moved up?

Did you learn any new skills at your youth group?

Did you have to remember a prayer or promise which you had to recite with your hand up?

Were you ever a brown owl or a tawny owl who led meetings?

Did you ever go camping with your youth group? Whereabouts did you camp? Did you enjoy sleeping under canvas? Or did you stay in a hostel?

What kind of things did you learn at camp?

Did you sing round the fire at camp? What songs would you sing? Did you ever sing 'The Quartermaster's Stores'?

Did you put on any shows with your group? What was your part in the shows?

Who was your best pal at Scouts or Guides, Cubs or Brownies?

Did you ever learn semaphore (communicating with flags) as part of the activities?

What did you like best about attending your youth group?

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