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Reminiscence video, Episode 9: Record Players, Radios, Phones, Cameras & Old TVs

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Did you have a record player in the house when you were growing up? What did it look like? Can you remember the make?
When did you first see a record player if your family didn’t have one?
Did you have 78rpm records or singles and LPs in the house?
When did you first own your own record player?
Can you remember the first record you ever bought or listened to? Who were the favourite artists to listen to when you were young?
Where would you buy your records from?


Did your Mum or Dad own a radio? What did it look like?
Where was it in your house?
Can you remember what station they used to listen to?
What radio stations did you listen to as you got older?
Can you remember hearing any specific song on the radio?
Did you ever take a radio or record player out on picnics or day trips?


What did your family phone look like when you were growing up? Can you remember your family phone number? Or any numbers of friends that you used to dial a lot?
Did you ever use your phone to find out the time? Can you remember the message that used to play when you called the speaking clock?
Do you remember getting a phone book for the first time?
Did you ever reverse the charges from a phone box to phone your Mum and Dad when you were out and about?


Can you remember your first television? What channels were available?
How big was the screen?
Do you remember the first big event you watched on TV?
Can you remember having to adjust the aerial to get a good reception?
Do you recall the first time you watched a colour television or got one for the family home? (Colour television didn’t outsell black and white sets until the mid 70s in the UK)
Did you have a smaller, portable TV at any point?
Do you remember getting a TV with a remote control for the first time?


Did you or the family have a camera growing up? What kind was it?
Can you remember the first camera that you personally owned?
Do you remember when Instamatic Polaroid cameras appeared, with the photo coming out immediately? Did you ever have one of those? Can you remember what people did to make the photo develop more quickly?
Did you know anyone who owned a video camera?
Do you have any family memories captured on video?
When did you first encounter a video recorder? When did you own one for the first time? Was it a VHS or a Betamax?

Which of these inventions had the biggest impact on your life?

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