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Reminiscence video, Episode 8: Kitchen Cupboard

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Did you have a kitchen cabinet in your house? Can you remember what colour it was?
What items would you store in there?
Did your cabinet have a chopping board? If not, what did your chopping board look like?

Can you remember the kitchen in the house you grew up in? Can you describe what it looked like? Or can you picture the kitchen that you owned in your first house as an adult?


Did you ever use Creamola Foam or Marmite Cubes? What kind of stock cubes would you use?
Would you ever make your own stock? What would you make it from?
Did you ever worry about items going out of date?
Can you remember when the ‘sell by’ and ‘use by’ dates started coming in? (‘Sell By’ dates were first used by M&S in the storerooms in the 1950s then were brought onto the shop floor in 1970.)
Do you pay much attention to the dates these days?


Does anyone remember Yulade? What would you give the kids as a treat when the adults were drinking alcohol?
What was your favourite drink as a child?
Did you use tea leaves? Can you remember when tea bags first appeared? (Tetley brought the idea of the tea bag to the UK in 1939, but teabags were introduced only in 1952 when Lipton patented its “flo-thru” teabag. This new way of consuming tea didn't take on as quickly in Britain as in the US. While in 1968 only 3% of all tea brewed in the UK was prepared using a teabag, by the end of the century this number rose to 96%.)


Did you make custard for the family? What would you serve it with? Did your partner ever get involved in the cooking?
Can you remember the arrival of instant puddings such as Angel Delight? Did you serve that in your house? Can you remember any of the flavours?
Can you think any sweet treats that your Mum or Gran used to make when you were growing up?
Did you use mustard in your cooking or as a garnish? What would you eat it with?
Did you go on picnics with the family? What would you pack? Where would you go?


Did you use dried milk in cans? What kind of thing would it be used for? How much would you have to put in?
Did you eat cereal for breakfast? What kind of cereals would you or your children have to eat?
Did you have a regular biscuit tin in your storage cupboard? Can you remember what it looked like?
What kind of biscuits did you eat growing up? And what is your favourite now?

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