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Reminiscence video, Episode 7: Tools

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Did you or your partner own a tool box or a tool bag? What did it look like?
Can you remember what was in it?
Can you remember any tools that were in the family for a long time?
Can you remember what happened to the tool box? Was it passed on to a younger family member perhaps?
Did you ever use a plane? Can you remember anything you made for the house or fixed around the house?
Did your Mum or Dad ever show you how to use tools or make things when you were growing up?


Did you serve any kind of apprenticeship? Can you remember learning about how to use the tools of your trade? Who taught you these skills?
Did you have any hand made specialist tools in your tool box?
What in your house needed fixing most often?


Can you remember a random assortment of washers and bits and bobs rolling around in the bottom of your toolbox? Did you keep things just in case they were ever needed?
Did your Father or Grandad have a workshop or a garden shed? Where would they do their mending and repairing?
Did they use a workbench when they became popular? Was it a Black and Decker one?
Can you remember anything that was made for you by your Father or Grandfather? Did your Mum ever use the tools?
Did you ever work with or own power tools? Can you remember them becoming available? What was the first electrical tool that you bought?
Do you still do any DIY around the house or in the garden?

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