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Reminiscence video, Episode 6: Tools

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Do you have any idea what the mystery tool is that Miles holds up? Do you know what it might have been for?
Did you have a toolbox or tool bag at home? What did it look like? Did you have any spanners like the ones on the video?
Did you serve an apprenticeship? Can you tell us what that involved?
What kind of things would you work on around the house?
Do you remember people borrowing tools?
Can you remember your first car? What kind was it? Did you ever work on it with your own tools? What kind of thing would you do?
Did you ever adapt any of your tools, or use them for unusual jobs?


Would you have a tool box in the car? Was there any kind of road service like the AA that you used, or would you try fix the car yourself if it broke down?
Did you have a regular local car mechanic? Where was their garage?

How many of your previous cars can you remember?
Would you go on family trips in the car? Where to?
Would you ever take a picnic? What would be in it?

Can you remember when radios started appearing in cars? Did you have one?

Did you used to wear a seatbelt in the car? Can you remember when seatbelts appeared?
(Seat belts were compulsory equipment for cars manufactured from 1968, it became compulsory for them to be worn from 1983. Rear seatbelts had to be added to cars from 1986 and it became compulsory to wear them from 1991)

Did you sit a driving test? Do you have any memories of the test itself?

Could both husband and wife drive, or would one partner always do the driving?

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