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Reminiscence video, Episode 4: School Days

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What school did you go to and where was it?
What do you remember of your first day of school?
Would you say that schooldays were the happiest days of your life?
Can you remember who your first new friend or best friend was in the early days of school?
Did you have special clothes that you wore only for school, or a school uniform of any kind?


How did you get to school? Was it far?
Did you walk to school with a friend or on your own?
What sort of bag did you take to school?
Did you take a packed lunch? What sort of thing would that be?
Did anyone have school dinners? Were they provided?


Do you remember any teachers from your school days?
Did you have a favourite teacher?
Were you well behaved at school?
Can you remember any naughty pupils from your school?
Did you ever get the strap or the belt? Or lines? What for?


What did you write on at school? What did you write with?
Did you ever use a fountain pen with an inkwell?
If you had one did you cover your exercise book in something like brown paper or wallpaper to keep it clean? Or did a relative cover it for you?


What kind of thing did you or classmates do when you were messing around and getting up to mischief?


Do you remember getting to wipe the blackboard with the duster?
Does anyone remember balancing pennies on the roller blackboard that would fall when the teacher moved it round?
Do you ever remember the duster being thrown across the classroom? Who was it at?
What are your memories of being in classrooms? Did you ever write on the desk?


Did you have milk at school? Did you enjoy it arriving or was it always too warm or too cold? What sort of snacks would you bring to school for breaktime?


How old were you when you left school? Did you finish school on the Friday and go straight into a job on the Monday?
Would you have liked to stay on longer at school or were you desperate to leave?
What was your first job after leaving school?

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