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Reminiscence video, Episode 3: Smoking

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Do you smoke/did you used to smoke? How long have you been smoking for? How did you manage to stop? How many would you smoke a day?
Do you remember going to the shops to get cigarettes for your parents?
Have you any memories of buying singles? Would it be tens or twenties you would buy?
Do you remember anyone who used to carry a cigarette case?


Do you remember what brand you used to smoke? And what did your parents used to smoke?
Did your Mum and Dad smoke in the house?
Do you remember when you first started hearing that smoking might be bad for your health?


Did any of your family or friends used to smoke a pipe?
Did anyone know someone with a clay pipe?
Do you remember any famous pipe smokers?
Did you know anyone who would chew tobacco or use snuff?

What was the bar of clay used for apart from smoking?

(Rubbing on the stairs or the entrance to a tenement to make the stairs less slippy. Still used these days to remove contamination from vehicles)


Did anyone collect cigarette coupons? Did you ever collect enough to swap them for something from the catalogue?
What about cigarette cards? Did anyone collect movie or sports stars? Or was there a family member you would give them to?
Did anyone have a full album?

(Slightly off topic but chat can be moved on to 'did anyone collect green shield stamps or stamps from the co-op?')


Did anyone ever buy cigarettes from a machine? Where was the machine?
And in the video example they are costing 2 shillings, can you remember how much your packet of cigarettes would cost from a machine or a shop?
Where would you regularly buy your cigarettes from? Can you remember the name of the shop?
Can anyone remember the name of their local shopkeeper?


Did anyone have a favourite lighter that they carried around? What kind was it?
Does anyone remember the Zippo lighters? And was there a special or fancy cigarette lighter in the house?
Can anyone remember what kind of ashtray they had in their house? Many were stolen from pubs!


Does anyone remember any tobacco adverts from the television?

Can anyone remember thinking that cigarettes might actually be good for you, similar to the way Guinness used to advertise their stout? (‘Guinness is Good For You’) Can anyone remember what Guinness used to have in their adverts? (A Toucan)

Do you remember when cigarette advertising was banned from TV?
(Tobacco advertising was banned on TV in 1965. It was banned from sports events in 1975)

Do you know many people who still smoke these days? Do you think smoking will ever be banned altogether?

Did anyone read the ‘Picture Post’ that Miles reads from in the video?
What magazines did you used to read?
Do you remember any of the advertising?
Does anyone have a favourite TV advert that they remember?

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