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Reminiscence video, Episode 1: Kitchen ustensils

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00:54 (Image of Biscuit Cutter)

Did you/any of you ever make your own biscuits?
What kind of biscuits did you make?
What did you use to cut and shape the biscuits?
Who would be eating the ones you made?

01:38 (Recipe Book Section)

Did you own many recipe books? Can you remember any favourites that you would use regularly?
What is your favourite recipe to make? Do you still make it now?
Is that your own or was it passed down to you by another family member? Are there any famous recipes in the family that have lasted more than one generation?
What was your Mum’s favourite thing to cook?


Have you tasted beef and/or mutton tea? Is it something you would make?
What were your get well remedies when a family member wasn’t well?
What would your Mum give you when you were ill or poorly?

02:38 (Jam & Marmalade)

Did you make your own jam and marmalade? What flavours?
Where did you get the fruit from? Was it home grown or bought? How much would you make?
Did you give it away as gifts or store it up?

02:54 (Toastie Maker)

What do you think this was used for?
Did you ever make toasties, or cheese on toast?
What sort of bread would you use?
Would it always be cheddar? Any other types in the house?
What sort of other cheeses did you discover as the years went by?

03:08 (Egg Cutter)

Did you have an egg cutter?
When would you serve eggs like this?
Do you see any other familiar items in the background?

03:21 (Butter Server)

Did you have a butter server?
When would it be used? Guests coming round? Special occasions?

04:10 (Waffle Iron)

Did you have one of these? Do you remember ever seeing one growing up? What would you serve waffles with?

04:49 (Butter Pats)

Have you seen butter pats before? Where have you seen them?
Did you have them at home?

06:05 (Pinnie/Apron)

Did you wear a pinnie?
Do you remember if there was a design on the front?
When was it most needed? What were the messiest meals?

06:22 (Jelly Pan)

What was this?
Did you own a jelly pan? What did it look like? Did you make jelly without one? What else would you use?
What sort of jelly or jam would you make?

06:52 (Marmalade Maker/Peel Extractor)

Have you ever seen one of these? How would you get the peel for your marmalade?

And going back to the mincer, did you have one of those? Where was it in your kitchen, can you remember? Was dishes would you use the mince for? What kind of meat did you mince? What kind of meals was it for?

07:37 (Kitchen Range)

Did you have a kitchen range?
What did your kitchen look like? Was there much space? Did you have anything in your kitchen that other people didn’t have?

Did your Father or Grandfather ever cook? If yes, what would they cook? Did the man of the house get involved in the cooking on special occasions?
Would anyone ever cook in the house apart from your Mum? Did the children help with the cooking?

08:27 onwards

Feel free to stop the video at any point on the tour of our Wee Museum of Memory if one your reminiscence group spots something they recognise or look like they would like to start a chat about any of the other objects.

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