The Living Memory Association

Edinburgh's Reminiscence Project • Established 1986

Reminiscence and School visiting groups

We can comfortably accommodate adult groups of up to 15 people. We can squeeze in school classes of up to 25 students. Sessions last about an hour and we usually have a cup of tea, coffee or juice.

Visiting reminiscence group

Our visiting reminiscence group sessions last around 45 minutes and can either be a photographic slide show of old photos or a session using objects from the past. They can be themed: childhood, cinema, food, school days or just a good general reminiscence blether. We have a living room set up in both our reminiscence centres, comfort and informality are the key elements.

School visit

For our school visits, we are happy to close the unit. Children seem to be particularly happy to be in a museum where they can pick things up. We are able to tailor sessions to particular themes and have done "Granny's Kitchen", "Wartime and rationing", "Toys and games". Teachers have split classes in the past. We often have our volunteers on hand to share their memories with the children.

How to book a visit

Contact us to book a session.


There is no charge for community groups or council run care homes or projects. A donation is always welcome though.


The Wee Museum of Memory (Edinburgh)
The Wee Museum of Memory (West Lothian)