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Reminiscence video, Episode 11: Baby Reminiscence

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Did you ever knit clothes for your baby or a friend or a relative’s baby? What did you knit? Did you stick to blue for boys and pink for girls? Did you ever use a knitting pattern from a magazine or book?
Do you still enjoy knitting today?
Did you keep any baby clothes or teddy bears from when your children were young?
Can you remember what type of pram you owned Was it passed down from another family member or did you buy it in a shop?


Can you remember what you used to feed your baby?
Did you ever use powdered milk?
Can you remember the kind of things these tins were used for once they were empty?
What kind of nappies did you use?
Did you use baby powder, baby oil or vaseline? What tasks would you use them for?
Did you ever have a baby scale at home for weighing your baby? Can you remember the birth weight of your baby?


What kind of baby bath did you have?
Can you picture what the potty in your house looked like? Was it made of plastic or enamel? Were there ever any disastrous spillage accidents? Can you recall potty training your child?
Can you think of any particular item of clothing that your son or daughter used to wear when they were a baby?
Did you ever go to Clarks for shoes to get your feet measured?
Can you remember any of your first pairs of shoes or sandals? Or your first pair of football, rugby or hockey boots?


What books did you read to your children when they were young? Did you ever make up stories to tell them? Or were there any favourite family stories?
Did you have any tricks or techniques you used to get them to sleep? Did you sing to your baby? What songs would you sing?
Can you picture the first cot you owned, what did it look like? Was there a favourite blanket or teddy bear? Or another favourite toy?
Did you own any records that were full of children’s songs or rhymes?
Can you remember the first ever time that your son or daughter walked? Did you ever have reins for them?
What are your earliest childhood memories? What are your happiest childhood memories?

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