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Reminiscence video, Episode 10: Computers, Phones, Fax Machines, Cameras and Radios

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Did you or a member of the family own a reel to reel tape machine? Can you remember any of the tunes they would play on it?
Did you have a casssette player in the house? What did it look like? Can you remember the make?
Do you remember making recordings for yourself or your children on your cassette player? What kind of things would you record?
Did you ever record songs from the radio?
Did you ever have a Sony Walkman or similar personal stereo?
Can you remember what bands or artists you would listen to on it?
Who were your favourite singers growing up?
Where would you buy your cassettes from? Do you remember how long blank cassettes would be? (C90 and C60 minutes)


Do you remember the arrival of smaller transistor radios? Can you remember seeing one for the first time? (Invented in 1954, became very popular in the 60s and 70s)
What radio station would you listen to in the house growing up?
Did you ever sit by the radio for ‘Listen With Mother’?
What radio stations would you listen to when you bought your own house? Did you have any favourite programs?
What do you like to listen to on the radio these days?
Did you ever see one of the mini TVs that Miles speaks about in the video? Did you know anyone who owned one?


Did you have a fax machine at work? Did you ever send one?
Did you ever work with carbon paper to get copies of things you were working on? Do you remember the printer arriving in the office?
Were you a member of the AA? Did you have a portable phone in your car?
Can you remember breaking down and waiting on the AA rescue van coming out?
Can you remember the first mobile phones? Did you know anyone who had a phone in their car?
When did you get your first mobile phone?
What do you think of them? Is the world a better place for the mobile phone?


Can you remember your first camera? What kind was it?
Can you remember getting your photos back from the chemist?
What kind of mistakes would ruin photos in those days? (Thumbs over the lens, chopping off people’s heads etc!)
Can you remember instamatic cameras coming out? Did you know anyone who had a Polaroid camera which produced photos instantly? What did you do with them to help speed up the development of the shot?
Did anyone in the family own a camcorder or video camera when you were growing up?
Is there any camcorder footage of you or your family?

Do you ever film anything on your phone if you have one nowadays? Do you use your phone for anything other than calls?


Who was the first person in your family to have a computer in their house? Have you or do you ever use a computer? Do you use the Internet or World Wide Web?
Do you think people spend too much time on computers, phones and tablets?
Did you ever have or use an electric typewriter at home or work?
Do you remember receiving typed letters?
Do you ever write letters these days or send cards? Who do you send them to?

Did anyone ever collect stamps?

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