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Reminiscence video, Episode 5: Games And Toys!

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What games did you own as a child?
Did you have Meccano or lego in the house? Can you remember anything you made with it?
Where in the house were games kept?
Were there any games that you played with Mum and/or Dad?
Did you play any card games as a child? Which ones?


Were there wooden toys in your house? What were they? Did you ever make any of your own toys? Or did your Dad or Grandad build any toys or games for you?
Did you or your friends have any small cars? Do you remember what make they were?
Can you think of any TV programmes you watched which had memorable cars?
Did you ever go and see a James Bond film at the cinema? Which cinema was it?
What other films can you remember going to see at the cinema when you were young?


Did you play shops? Did you have a toy till?
What did you use for your produce in the shop? What did you use for money?
Can you remember the old coins before decimalisation?
Did you have a toy phone of any kind?
Can you remember any games where you would pretend to be someone else? Did you ever play cowboys and indians?


Did you or any of your relatives have a typewriter when you were growing up? Was it a pretend one or a real one?
Did you ever learn to type? Could anyone in the family type?
Do you remember writing many letters when you were younger?
Did you have a pen pal?


Do you remember scrap books? Did you have one? What sort of scraps would you collect?
Did you write anything in your scrap book?
Did anyone keep a diary when they were younger? Did you write in it every day? And where was it hidden?

Do you remember plasticine? What would you make with it if you were handed a bit of plasticine now? Have you ever had a try at the kind of play dough that your Grandchildren or nieces and nephews might have these days?


Did you ever have a Viewmaster or something similar? If you had one can you remember what reels of pictures went with it? Did you have a favourite?
Did you ever get to use a camera when you were younger? Can you remember your family’s first camera?


Did you have any board games, or games that lived in boxes?
Did you ever use stencils?
Do you remember Stingray or Thunderbirds? Did you watch it?
What TV programmes did you watch as a child?

Did you ever own a pair of roller skates? Where would you go roller skating?
Did you have skipping ropes? Or one big skipping rope for everyone?
Can you remember any skipping games?
Can you remember any skipping rhymes?
What other games would you play in the street?

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