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Old Leith Rediscovered

Old Leith Rediscovered is a Living Memory Association project in partnership with Spirit of Leithers Facebook Community and the National Library of Scotland.

Much of old Leith was swept away as part of Edinburgh's 'improvements' of the 1920s and 1960s. Knowledge of what was lost now relies mainly on old street maps and photographs — and of course old Leithers' memories.
One of the best maps available is Charles Goad's Fire Insurance Plan of Leith. First published in 1892, Goad's Plan captures the streets and structures of old Leith in extraordinary detail.

With financial support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and assistance from the National Library of Scotland, Old Leith Rediscovered brings the historic townscape of Leith to life by adding a large selection of surviving images to Goad's Plan of Leith, and publishing it online as a free, interactive experience.

Old Leith Rediscovered is a celebration of the history of Leith and her people. We hope it will help foster a pride and inquisitiveness about Leith's past and provide a focus for Leithers at home and abroad to share memories and images of days gone by.

Visit the Old Leith Rediscovered website to browse the interactive Goad map

Old Leith Rediscovered (external website)