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Edinburgh's Reminiscence Project • Established 1986

Memory Boxes

It may sound odd but we try to keep our memory boxes updated, i.e items in the boxes are within living memory. That means objects right up until the 1970s and 80s. If you have suggestions for other themes please contact us.

Borrowing a memory box

How long

Boxes can be taken out for up to a week.


Our memory boxes are free to council, NHS and community projects but we do ask for a donation from private or profit organisations.


Boxes are picked up from The Wee Museum of Memory.

A peek at the content

Boxes are themed:

Childhood Memory Box
Childhood Memory Box content: books, dolls, toy cars, ludo boardgame, cup and ball game, tiddlywinks, diabolo, dominoes, sweets, various toys and games
Schooldays Memory Box
Schooldays Memory Box content: old schoolbag, textbooks, work books, ruler, ink bottle, quill, milk bottle, slate, various measuring tools, sweets, beret, tawse (school belt)
Baby Memory Box
Baby Memory Box content: baby bathtub, nursery rhymes book, bowls, baby clothes, brush, baby shoes, feeder bottle, baby toiletries, baby cutlery
Going out Memory Box
Going out Memory Box content: furs, hand bags, gloves, Tops in Pops record, a-ha record, scarves, stockings, theatre and concert tickets, curling iron, photos depicting fashion style
Ladies Memory Box
Ladies Memory Box content: vanity case, fan, mirror, gloves, stockings, various toiletries, perfumes, makeup products, purses, jewellery, hair curlers, curling iron, hair clamp
Gents Memory Box
Gents Memory Box content: grooming set, capstan cigarettes box, dominoes, deck of cards, various tobacco tins, cycle repair tin, soldier's service and pay book, medal, Kodak camera, wooden clock, Heart of Midlothian F.C. Season 1969-70 official programme, shaver, folding ruler, various documents
Holidays Memory Box
Holidays Memory Box content: postcards, potato crisps bags, cameras, bucket, shells, elastoplast tins, beach towel, thermos flask, Elastoplast tin, British passport, motorist maps, souvenir tin, wooden shovel, The Penguin Book of Naughty Postcards book
Fashion Memory Box
Fashion Memory Box content: stockings, hats, platform shoes, high heels sandals, clothes
Health Memory Box
Health Memory Box content: doctor's bag, blood pressure meter (Sphygmomanometer), various medications (boric acid crystals bottle, aspirin tablets bottle, clove oil bottle, elastoplast, gauze, oiled silk, Gregory's powder B.P.C. bottle...), thermometer, syringe, rules book, home nursing ang hygiene hand-book
Household Memory Box
Household Memory Box content: basket, grater, jelly molds, mincer, clothes pegs, soap bar, iron, tea box, green shield stamp book, various ktchen tool, washing tools, gravy salt tin, gelatine box
Edinburgh Memory Box
Edinburgh Memory Box content: postcards, edinburgh castle rock box, tin of shortbreads, beer mat, programmes, various books, raffle tickets, theatre tickets, hired purchased cars booklet, driver licence
Wartime Memory Box
Wartime Memory Box content: tin with a photo of Winston Churchill, combat helmet, gas mask, whistle, munition, lock, kit-bag, medals, ration book, war-time cookery book, national insurance, army prayer book, machine gun instructions, general information book, war effort poster

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