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The charges are shown individually for each item. If you live locally please feel free to drop into our shop, at the above address, and buy them over the counter - we're always pleased to see you.

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This is a graphic novel of 34 full colour pages. There have been many reminiscence and local history books that recount the lives of everyday people who lived through extraordinary times but few, if any, that tackle the subject as a graphic novel. Fallen is the first graphic novel from the Living Memory Association and depicts the life and times of people living during the 1920s in Leith.

Price £6.99 +75p P+P

Edinburgh Memories

This is a book of 127 pages. It is the unique and fascinating result of many conversations and interviews with local people, recalling life in the city between the two world wars. Vivid memories are recounted, including childhood and schooldays, work and play, sport and leisure.

Price £12.99 +75p P+P

The Art of the Snap

This is a 40 page book of photographs taken from our archive. The book explores the themes; Changing Edinburgh, Changing Fashions, Childhood, Entertainment, Sport, Transport, Work, Domestic Life and the Art of the Snap.

Price: £4.00 + 75p P+P

Edinburgh Lives

This is a 24 page A4 size magazine containing four articles and plenty of old photographs. It includes an interview with Mrs Maria Pettigrew, Scotland's oldest person; memories of the Canongate; and the story of Henryk Wardzinski's escape from Poland in 1939.

Price: £2.00 + 75p P+P

The City Image

A 22 page A4 size magazine with reminiscences from 3 areas of Edinburgh; Gorgie/Dalry, Nicolson/South Clerk Street and Easter Road. There are plenty of memories of pubs, cinemas and shops, drawings and old photographs.

Price: £2.00 + 75p P+P

A Patchwork of Memories

A 22 page A4 size magazine of reminiscences, drawings and old photographs of Edinburgh. Subjects include; childhood, courting, dancing, work and fashion.

Price: £2.00 + 75p P+P

Gogarburn Lives

This is a 120 page A4 size book documenting the history and the lives of Gogarburn Hospital residents and staff. There are many interviews and photographs.

Price: £5.00 + £1.95p P+P

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Personalised Jewellery

We offer a personalised jewellery service where you can add your choice of photographs to earrings, pendants and bangles.