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Here’s Tae Us

A Social History of Drinking in Scotland

December 2007

This project originated from an idea to explore an important social and economic aspect of Edinburgh life: brewing and drink. It has been supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, along with the Scottish Brewing Archive and the City of Edinburgh Museums.

The valuable contributions from our interviewees and other sources have allowed us to record a range of experiences associated with drink and drinking, both as a source of employment and as a social lubricant. Their memories have included stories about: working in the brewing and bottling trade, family or other social events, Edinburgh pubs, attitudes towards women drinking, attendance at Temperance meetings, and even very personal experiences associated with too much drink. Here’s Tae Us records, preserves and celebrates an important area of the social history of Edinburgh.

Joyce Miller and Miles Tubb, November 2007

The Exhibition and Booklet

Above is just an extract from the foreword for the booklet

Here’s Tae Us, A Social History of Drinking in Edinburgh.

This was launched along side the exhibition of the same name at the Museum of Edinburgh on 7th December 2007.

The booklet and the exhibition contain many quotes and illustrations of how drinking has affected people’s lives in positive and negative ways. In the following pages you can see a selection of these quotes and also listen to some of them.

‘I started off by walking home. Deciding to walk home with my bicycle. I had met up wi’ this lad and he said, he said how would you like to go to dance? And I was such embarrassed you see, instead of sayin’ no, I’m keeping my wages after me to give to my mum, I was so embarrassed I just said yes.

So I got all dressed up and he agreed to meet me at the Station Bar and I agreed.

I started off with a pint and then I ended up on 4 pints. I tasted stout and I tasted heavy and I tasted light and I tasted beer and I tasted rum.

Och I can mind it was really the ruin of me. It put me in hospital where I got dried out and I never shouldae!’

Deirdre Brock and Jean Taylor

The Video

Miles Tubb created a stop-frame animation using Jean’s pub model.  This was based on a story of Bill’s one of the contributors.

Deirdre Brock Officially Opening the Here’s Tae Us Exhibition

The Launch

On this page are photographs of the exhibition launch including many artefacts illustrating aspects of the history of drinking in Edinburgh.

We were lucky to have a beautiful model of a drinking establishment from the 1950s built for the exhibition by Jean Taylor, a Living Memory Association volunteer. There are some pictures of the model shown here.

Bill’s Story

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