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The Living Memory Association was established in 1984. It is an Edinburgh based group that aims to bring people together through reminiscence and oral history work. We encourage people to become actively involved in their community, share their memories, learn from one another, feel valued and respected, and give their knowledge of the past to younger generations. We have a photographic archive and have also been involved in video-making and drama projects.  We offer many varied opportunities to volunteers of all ages and backgrounds and their contribution is vital to the project. Our Big Lottery funded Memory Exchange Project is involving older people in a variety of exciting reminiscence projects.

Vi Turner’s 100th birthday  celebrations and book.

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Edinburgh’s Reminiscence Centre

                      Vi Turner

5 Quayside Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6EJ

Telephone: 0131 553 4580, Registered Charity No. SC030234


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Ocean Terminal. Still waiting to move but should be in next two weeks.

Next Reminiscence training is on 17th April. Places available.

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Reminiscence and Oral History in Edinburgh